Greetings to the ghost hunting enthusiasts,


The Paranormal Company brings to you an
opportunity during the pandemic to grab the insights of life in a paranormal
world. You shall be bestowed an opportunity to attend an Online Workshop under
the guidance of the leading paranormal investigator- Jay Alani, relishing the
knowledge imparted by his personal experiences.


«  Details of the Workshop:

«  The workshops shall be conducted in 9 different slots, as mentioned below:

«  Slot 1- 31st July & 1st August 

«  Slot 2- 4th & 5th August

«  Slot 3- 7th & 8th August

«  Slot 4- 11th & 12th August

«  Slot 5- 14th & 15th August

« Slot 6-18th & 19th August

«  Slot 7- 21st & 22nd August

«  Slot 8- 25th & 26th August

«  Slot 9- 28th &29th August

«  Duration of the Workshop- 5 hours on both the days.

«  Timings: 10 pm to 3am


Workshop Itinerary:

«  Overview of paranormal investigation

«  History of paranormal investigation

«  Motive of paranormal investigation

«  Methods and techniques of paranormal investigation

«  Detailed explanation of paranormal equipments

«  Characteristics of location for paranormal investigation

«  Code of Conduct during paranormal investigation

«  Discussion of the best time for paranormal investigation

«  Detailed analysis of the stories related to the investigation

«  Relative para-psychology and anomalistic psychology and its
relevance to paranormal investigations

«  Cryto-zoology~ A world of paranormal animals

«  Ufology and detailed discussion about paranormal entities in India
and abroad.

«  The art of story writing based on the paranormal investigation

«  Discussion on cinematography, videography and content creation
skills for paranormal investigation

«  Instructions on evidences’ collection.

«  Discussion on the most renowned cases of paranormal investigation

«  Discussion about the most haunted locations in India

«  Paranormal group discussions

«  Tips on identification of real and fake stories

«  The adverse atrocities of myths, blind faith and superstitions and their
counter mechanism

«  Story telling sessions and many more such activities



«  Digital Certificate to all the participants

«  Digital Letter of Appreciation to all the participants.


Terms and Conditions:

«  In order to be a part of the workshop, the age should be atleast 14 years

«  In order to be a part of the workshop, it is compulsory to register
yourselves through the registration link provided.

«  For group registrations, contact the helpline number of The
Paranormal Company : +91 99995 18600

«  The registration capacity of every workshop is 50, exceeding which
shall lead to the closure of the registration process.

«  There are limited seats offered for the workshop. Therefore, the
seats shall be alloted on the first come first served basis. No bookings shall
be entertained beyond 50 reservations.

«  The registration shall close one week  prior to the workshop dates in every city


Registration procedure:

To enrol in the workshop, fill in the
registration form available in the link below.

Registration Link-


Payment Procedure:

The fees for the workshop is INR 1499 +

The various platforms through which you can
make your payment for the workshop are Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, and Paytm


So, come join us for a workshop and learn the A-Z of  paranormal
activities and take a tour of the paranormal reality with me, Jay Alani.


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